Deb Wing

Deb Wing I am fascinated by the way the natural environment forces us to acknowledge our fragility as human beings in the landscape. When outside, I am overtaken by a sense of calm, irrespective of the drama of the elements. I feel this stillness permeates through my work in my studio and [...]

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Frans Wesselman

Frans Wesselman My work reflects my interest in the human form and human relationships. Some pieces are based on poems and literature, some are directly from observation and imagination. Everything is underpinned by drawing from nature and figure studies. There is usually a narrative element, I aim to convey a feeling or [...]

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Jane Walker

Jane Walker Jane studied illustration and printmaking at DJCAD in Dundee. before following a career in design. From textiles and ceramics in Porto to Creative Director of Graphic Design at the BBC in London. She has now come full circle and returned to Scotland and to her first love, printmaking. Jane uses [...]

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Glenn Tomkinson

Glenn Tomkinson Born in 1944, I have been making prints since my school-days. I now mainly work with aquatint sometimes combined with etching in which my youthful flirtation with abstraction informs my reaction to landscape. I produce small editions of up to 20. Each print is made by hand and so is [...]

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Lisa Takahashi

Lisa Takahashi Lisa Takahashi is a British-Japanese artist based in Taunton, Somerset. Her linocuts celebrate the overlooked beauty of the everyday. Composed of bold and colourful shapes, layers of texture and translucent colour evoke joy and movement in the work. Recently, Lisa has incorporated other textures in her work, including wallpaper and [...]

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Kelly Stewart

Kelly Stewart Edinburgh based artist printmaker Kelly Stewart has focused on screenprinting primarily for the past 20 years. She is fascinated by the endless possibilities of combining drawing, mark making, textures and handwritten text all into the one image. Since being introduced to Morecambe Bay in 2015 when she was printmaker of [...]

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Nell Smith

Nell Smith I take a painterly approach to printmaking, playfully and intuitively exploring process. My prints are built up in layers, combining screen and monoprint techniques. I develop contemporary, expressive compositions with an uplifting use of colour. My prints have a joyful and musical feel, lying somewhere between painting, collage and printmaking. [...]

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Rahil Sheikh

Rahil Sheikh I cut lino. I have now after a slow period of development over the last decade, arrived at what I think maybe a more defined and mastered technique. The technique combines the free cutting of plates with a band saw and then a more limited and deliberately graphic cutting of [...]

Rahil Sheikh2023-03-14T12:19:08+00:00

Holly Magdalene Scott

Holly Magdalene Scott Holly Magdalene Scott is a Northumbrian artist based in Middleton in Teesdale, County Durham. A self-taught printmaker specialising in relief printmaking techniques, she is known for her well-observed, sensitive linocuts of birds. Borne from a strong connection to the land and inspired by memories of chance encounters with the [...]

Holly Magdalene Scott2023-03-14T12:16:51+00:00

David Robertson

David Robertson I constantly feel the pull to the North West’s dramatic landscapes. I create work in response to passing through the landscape, walking the same route several times. Rooted to the physical environment while letting the imagined and reality unfold through repeated drawing, photographing and looking.

David Robertson2023-03-14T12:11:24+00:00
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