Printfest Awards:

Printmaker of the Year
Printmakers’ Printmaker
YOUNG Printmaker of the Year, Primary
YOUNG Printmaker of the Year, Secondary

Sponsored Awards:

Awarded to artists based on the body of work on their stand:

‘Visitors’ Choice Award’
Sponsored by James Cropper PLC
Zillah Bell Gallery Award
Founders’ Award
Kunstprenteverket Awards x 2

Individual Print Awards:

Awagami Paper Award
Chris Benefield Memorial Award
Cranfield Awards x 2
Essdee Award
Haigh Award
Handprinted Award
Hawthorn Printmaker Award
Ironbridge Printmakers Award x 2
Pressing Matters
TPFramework Award

Previous years awards:

Intaglio Printmakers
McClures Award


The Visitors’ Prize Draw

There will be all new prizes for 2024!

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The Printfest Award certificates

For 2024 the award certificates were designed, drawn and hand printed by Patron Alan Stones, to celebrate 21 years of Printfest. Title ‘The Print Collector’, two colour plate lithograph, edition 50. Find out what Alan is up to on Instagram!

In 2023 the award certificates were designed and printed by Printfest Team member and Art Teacher/Printmaker Esther Benson. Follow her on instagram!

In 2022 the award certificates were designed and printed by Printfest Founder Judy Evans. Judy lives on Raasay in Scotland and we love that the clouds are arranged by the seagulls both on Raasay and above Ulverston!

In 2020 the award certificates were created during lockdown, and designed and etched by Jamie Barnes.

In 2019 the award certificates were designed and letterpress printed by Keith Bamber at The Print Project at Shipley.

In 2018 the award certificates were designed and silkscreen printed by Katie Edwards.

In 2017 the award certificates were designed and hand written by Kelly Stewart. This was the first one so there was a bit of discovery to do on this. Kelly was brilliant!

Printfest was shortlisted for
Tourism Event of the Year 2018

Tourism Event of the Year Finalist 2018

Printfest was thrilled to be shortlisted by Cumbria Tourism. The four finalists had to demonstrate excellence and innovation, service, welcome, marketing and sustainable practices, all of which adds to Printfest’s appeal to visitors.

Printfest Awards:

Printmaker of the Year Award

In 2008 Printfest launched the first Printmaker of the Year Award. Each year we work in partnership with a print studio or gallery to select a Printmaker of the Year. Since 2010, the Printmaker of the Year has created a commissioned print during a residency in South Cumbria and exhibited their work at Printfest. A selected piece from the Artist’s work is used on all Printfest’s marketing material; from the early promotional flyer distributed across the North of England, on all our posters, advertisements, invitations, tickets and on the cover of the exhibition catalogue.

Printmaker of the Year 2024:
Bronwen Sleigh

You can see past Printmakers of the Year here

Printmakers’ Printmaker Award

In 2007 Printfest launched the Printmakers’ Printmaker Award. Over the Printfest weekend each year, we ask the exhibiting artists to nominate their favourite exhibitor. That artist becomes our Printmakers’ Printmaker, an accolade which is particularly meaningful to artists as it reflects recognition by their peers.

Printmakers’ Printmaker 2024:
Jemma Gunning

You can see past Printmakers’ Printmakers here

YOUNG Printmaker the Year Award, one for Primary, one for Secondary

In 2023 Printfest launched the YOUNG Printmaker of the Year Awards. All participating schools and students respond to a Printfest brief. The winners of these two awards are selected by the Printmakers’ Printmaker once the work has been hung at The Coro. The winners were presented with their certificates at assembly at their respective schools.

YOUNG Printmakers of the Year 2024:
Jaden, Year 4,  from St George’s Primary School
Luca Murdoch, age 15, from The Lakes School

YOUNG Printmakers of the Year 2023:
Peter, from Broughton-in-Furness School
Shannon, from Ulverston Victoria High School

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Sponsored Awards:

Awarded to artists based on the body of work on their stand:

Visitors’ Choice Award
Sponsored by James Cropper PLC

2024 winner: Joshua Miles
2023 winner: Anja Percival
2022 winner: Jenny McCabe
2019 winner: Anja Percival
2018 winner: Gail Mason
2017 winner: Mark Pearce

Zillah Bell Gallery Award

2024 winner: Ruth Ander
2023 winner: Tessa Pearson
2022 winner: Ian Phillips
2020 winner: Sally Adkins
2019 winner: Amy Hutson
2018 winner: Morna Rhys

Founders’ Award

2024 winner: Andi Dakin
2023 winner: Graham Firth
2022 winner: Nell Smith
2020 winner: Rahil Sheikh
2019 winner: Simon Tozer
2018 winner: Adele Burdon
2017 winner: Katie Edwards

Kunstprenteverket Awards x 2

2024 winners: Jemma Gunning and Emily Ketteringham
2023 winners: Joshua Miles and Anja Percival
2022 winners: Jo McChesney and Anthony Ratcliffe
2020 winners: Jenny McCabe & Janis Goodman

Individual Print Awards

Awagami Paper Award

2024 winner: Jo McChesney
2023 winner: Nell Smith
2022 winner: Rahil Sheikh
2019 winner: Jane Mowat
2018 winner: Laura Boswell
2017 winner: Chris Salmon

Chris Benefield Memorial Award

2024 winner: Laura Boswell
2023 winner: Ian Cox
2022 winner: Alan Stones
2020 winner: Lou Davis
2019 winner: Kelly Stewart
2018 winner: Gail Mason
2017 winner: Clare Cutts

Cranfield Awards x 2

2024 winners: Deb Wing and Hazel McNab
2023 winners: Laura Boswell and Frans Wesselman
2022 winners: Mark Pearce and Alexandra Buckle
2019 winners: Debby Akam and Babs Pease
2018 winners: Simon Ripley & Rahil Sheikh

Essdee Award

2024 winner: Aga Kubish
2023 winner: Lisa Takahashi
2022 winner: Helen Murgatroyd
2020 winner: Babs Pease

Haigh Award

2024 winner: Fouzia Zafar
2023 winner: Pete Marsh
2022 winner: Alison Diamond www.alisonturnbulldiam.artist
2020 winner: Helen Murgatroyd
2019 winner: Ian Phillips
2018 winner: Henrietta Corbett
2017 winner: Anja Percival

Handprinted Award

2024 winners: Rachel Thornton
2023 winner: Ian Burke
2022 winner: Cath Brooke
2020 winner: Nell Smith
2019 winner: Helen Murgatroyd

Hawthorn Printmaker Award

2024 winner: Gregory Moore
2023 winner: Holly Magdalene Scott
2022 winner: Moira McTague
2020 winner: Ian Phillips
2019 winner: Anja Percival
2018 winner: Geri Waddington
2017 winner: John Hatton

Ironbridge Printmakers Award

2024 winners: Ian Cox and Joshua Miles
2023 winner: Deb Wing
2022 winner: Jenny McCabe

Pressing Matters

2024 winner: Jane Walker

TPFramework Award

2024 winner: Gail Mason
2023 winner: Emerson Mayes
2022 winner: James Green
2020 winner: Laura Boswell
2019 winner: Moira McTague

Previous years awards:

Intaglio Printmaker Award

Adam Sutherland of Grizedale Arts in Coniston selected the winner.

2023 winner: Rahil Sheikh

McClures Award

2022 winner: Adele Burdon
2020 winner: James Bywood
2019 winner: Michael Devereux
2018 winner: Janis Goodman
2017 winner: Mark Pearce