Workshops at Printfest

Workshops at Printfest
are delivered by Tutors
who are members of
Cumbria Printmakers

Venue: Ante Room
off the foyer at The Coro

The four workshops:
1. Collagraph

2. Mezzotint
3. Mono-printing
4. Drypoint etching

You can click on the workshop information sheets to download

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Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Workshop 4

Comments from previous participants:

Lovely to be able to experiment without judgement. Good advice given

Brilliant – so much done in such a short time!

Very useful combination of explanations and practice. And very easy to get personalise help

Approachable, constructive and enthusiastic with clear delivery

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Saturday MORNING
1. Collagraph with Penny Hunt
Facebook Penny Hunt artist
Instagram: Penny Hunt artist

2. Mezzotint with Heather Young

3. Mono-printing with Dorothy Ramsay

Facebook: Dorothy Ramsay Artist

4. Drypoint etching with Janis Young
Facebook: Janis Young Art