Jason Hicklin ~ Printmaker of the Year 2017

Jason Hicklin ~ Printmaker of the Year 2017 Printmaker of the Year ~ Graduating from St. Martin’s in 1988 and then from The Central School of Art in 1991, Jason was elected a member of The Royal Society of Painters Printmakers, (RE). Jason is currently a lecturer of Printmaking at City and [...]

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Fouzia Zafar ~ Printmakers’ Printmaker

Fouzia Zafar ~ Printmakers' Printmaker Printmakers' Printmaker ~ Fouzia lives and works in Glasgow. She works in print, paint and video. Her work responds to the themes of family histories, migration, absence and the strangeness of memory. Her figureless interiors/exteriors and looming objects create a nostalgic atmosphere that point to traces of [...]

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Beverley White

Beverley White     Beverley’s images are drawn from a combination of sketches and memory or direct studies of natural forms. The drawings are then worked until something pleasing emerges to be transferred to a block either wood for engraving or lino for cutting. The wood engraver’s tools give great scope for [...]

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Glenn Tomkinson

Glenn Tomkinson     My work is mainly aquatints combined with etching. I produces small editions of up to 20. Each print is made by hand and so is unique. The limitations and difficulties of printmaking allow me to find the essential elements in the image. Most of my work is rooted [...]

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Kelly Stewart

Kelly Stewart     I've been working with the medium of screenprint for over 15 years now and it still manages to surprise me. The endless possibilities by overlaying images, photos, drawings, mark making and text is enough to keep me occupied for a lifetime! www.skellydesigns.com  

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Rahil Sheikh

Rahil Sheikh     My print work aims to be rhythmic and graphic and increasingly I am interested in mental techniques to focus energy and spirit into each cut rather than on thinking too hard about perfecting the image itself. Often the work has a relationship with a piece of poetry. I [...]

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Rose Seber

Rose Seber     My work is mainly about mountain and coastal landscape. I have travelled in Iceland, Norway and Svalbard, as well as frequently in Scotland. I am particularly attracted to islands and have been to Orkney, Shetland, and the Hebrides several times. I also like rock climbing and have based [...]

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Jay Seabrook

Jay Seabrook     I am a printmaker working mainly with collagraphs, sometimes colourful, sometimes dark. Living in Rutland, I am inspired by the beautiful surrounding countryside and frequent visits to the coast. I use a lot of colour and love the unpredictability of the collagraph process. I produce small limited editions [...]

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Chris Salmon

Chris Salmon     Chris Salmon is a contemporary artist based in Birmingham and London, UK. He works in a variety of media, but is most commonly known for his printed works, particularly his etchings. Chris currently shares his time between his newly developed printmaking studio in his home town of Birmingham, [...]

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Diane Rickerby

Diane Rickerby     I’m a Cumbrian lass with English/Filipino roots living in Amsterdam. I spent my formative years in Bury and Manchester, working in art galleries and on community art projects. It was there that I learnt how to print and immediately fell in love with the linocut process. When I [...]

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