And just like that another Printfest
has been and gone.

Thank you to all our artists that travelled from all over the country bringing all their fabulous prints.
To everyone that visited and bought new art to take home.
To all the award sponsors and the main sponsor.
To the wonderful team of stewards that have helped the event run so smoothly and helped the artists pack their cars.
To the crew for setting up the stands, and packing down again, all back to storage.
To The Coro staff that have supported Printfest throughout.
And to the Printfest Team for the year’s planning that goes into every Printfest weekend.
Safe journeys home to everyone, see you next year!

Three years as Main Sponsor for Printfest ~ Canter Holland on collecting art

Canter Holland are lovers of art. They support Printfest because they enjoy meeting the artists and talking to them about their work. Read about their acquisitions here.

Printmakers’ Printmaker is
Jemma Gunning ~

Jemma said on Instagram “I’m still feeling slightly overwhelmed for being selected for the Printmakers’ Printmaker Award! What an honour, seeing as the room was full of amazing artists! I’m looking forward to returning next year!

You can still sign up for workshops in Ulverston at Printshare on Queen Street, become a Friend of Printfest and be ready for 2025, and follow the school year…

Printmaking in Ulverston

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Printfest in Schools

Printfest aims to inspire young people with printmaking, encourage the use of printmaking techniques and an appreciation of printmaking by others

Official Printfest Photographer: Kate Kirkwood