Sadie Tierney, Printmaker of the Year

Sadie Tierney Sadie will be creating a commissioned print, developed from a residency here in the Lake District, it will be launched at Printfest 2019. The image on this flyer is titled ‘Over the Mountain’, it is a woodcut and was exhibited at the 250th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2018. Sadie [...]

Sadie Tierney, Printmaker of the Year2019-02-27T23:27:45+00:00

Flora McLachlan, Printmakers’ Printmaker

Flora McLachlan I make etchings, biting deeply then sandpapering to attack and sculpt the plate surface until the atmosphere is right. In contrast, working with lithography I watch the flow of the washes and follow the idea onwards as I draw. These contrasting approaches express my lyrical response to landscape. I’m fascinated [...]

Flora McLachlan, Printmakers’ Printmaker2019-02-27T23:21:37+00:00

Debby Akam

Debby Akam I love the low- tech nature of woodcut and the direct relationship that exists between wood, paper and cut. I tend to improvise with a vocabulary of textures and forms, a methodology that allows me to insert imagery taken from different sources, including observational drawing, photographs and folk art. to: [...]

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Joanna Allen

Joanna Allen Joanna Allen is an Artist, Printmaker and Textile Designer based in a small town in the Peak District. She graduated with a Degree in Printed Textiles from Manchester Metropolitan University and is currently a member of Peak District Artisans and High Peak Artists. Joanna’s hand printed intaglio prints, including etchings, [...]

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Frances Arnold

Frances Arnold Frances Arnold creates minimalist, geometric prints inspired by her daily movement between vast rural landscapes and contained urban architecture. She combines her love of drawing with printmaking to convey a textured, pastel-like quality in her reductive screenprints. Her subtle use of embossing to accentuate voids and colours playfully alters our [...]

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Jamie Barnes

Jamie Barnes Jamie is a Freelance Curator and Printmaker in Cumbria. His artwork is principally concerned with manmade structures: houses, buildings, townscapes and structures in the landscape and on the coast. For Jamie all printmaking comes from drawing. He enjoys taking his love of line drawing and transforming it through the magic [...]

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Helen Bishop

Helen Bishop Helen Bishop, printmaker and founder of Wildshed, specialises in collagraph printmaking. Wildshed was created after she fell in love with the collagraph printing process. Having spent a large majority of her life organising projects and people, she finds there is a certain sense of freedom that comes from using a [...]

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Laura Boswell

Laura Boswell My work focuses on landscape in the UK and Japan, where I studied traditional Japanese woodblock printing. My interest lies in pattern and form within landscape and its light, weather and seasonality. I aim to evoke a feeling of place, rather than document specific locations. My current work explores meticulous [...]

Laura Boswell2019-02-27T23:04:55+00:00

Joanna Bourne

Joanna Bourne Joanna Bourne lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and many of her images are based on her local area featuring allotments, town moor, park and garden. More recent prints are inspired by  visits to the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea. Her images convey the impressions of a given moment in [...]

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Kit Boyd

Kit Boyd I follow the British romantic tradition of Samuel Palmer and the Neo-Romantics of the 1940s. From rural idylls to strange metamorphoses evolving from my mind’s eye, my work aims to channel the mysterious spirit of place. Beyond our surface appreciation of the world, landscape for me is often a protective [...]

Kit Boyd2019-03-17T12:56:38+00:00
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