Printfest Team

Since Printfest began there have been many supporters and volunteers who have been there in the planning stages and over the Printfest weekends, they have supplied a service, contributed materials and been part of the committee.

Printfest was thrilled to be shortlisted for the Cumbria Tourism 2018 Award in the ‘Tourism Event of the Year’ category.

Our congratulations go out to all the past organisers of Printfest, they were integral in the development of the Printfest reputation. Congratulations to the current organising team for their contribution, dedication, commitment of their time and enthusiasm in bringing about this festival of printmaking.

Thank you!

Committee Members:

Founder Members:
Judy Evans
Ronkey Bullard
Chris Benefield; Chair 2001-2013

Current Committee Members:
Keith Bamber; joined 2017 as Treasurer
Sally Bamber; joined 2011; Chair since 2016
Janet Benefield; Member 2001-2003, re-joined 2017
Esther Benson; joined 2021
Clare Dent; joined 2021
Alyson Dickson; joined 2017, Deputy Chair 2021
Katie Edwards; joined 2017
Lorraine Thompson; joined 2021

Official Photographer: 
Kate Kirkwood; since 2017
Jenny Nuttall; 2022

Rachael Weaver

Exhibition Build Team:
Simon Hanson & Crew; from 2001

Website adviser:
Tony Scott; 2017

Past members:
Tina Balmer; 2007-2022
Janice Benson; Director 2008-2015
Tania Jany Brown
Kate Brunskill; Secretary 2017
Ellie Chaney
Steve Deeming
Liz Drew
Richard Foster
Carolyn Gilsenan
Linda Graham
Ceri Hand
Donna Hurford
Carol Kitts
Jo Lavington
Valerie Madden
Clyde Oliver
Anthea Raithlin-Jones
Fran Riley
Kerynne Robertson
Beverley White
Bernard Whitfiled
Marie Wilkes
Tim Wright; Chair 2014-2015
Marie Wright

Shaun Blezard

Amelia Lavington
Aaron Carr
Shaun Blezard

Shaun Blezard