Bronwen Sleigh

Bronwen Sleigh Bronwen Sleigh is a visual artist who works in printmaking, drawing and sculpture, taking inspiration from manmade structures set within a wide variety of landscapes. Sleigh’s work asks questions about the built environment. Through drawing, she investigates attitudes to space as expressed through architecture and its relationship to the landscape. [...]

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Sally Adkins

Sally Adkins Sally Adkins is an artist printmaker based within walking distance of the River Derwent, on the edge of the Peak District in Derbyshire. A multi-disciplinary printmaker, she works predominantly in the age-old tradition of acid-based etching, harnessing established techniques to develop finely etched, expressive metal plates. She also specialises in monotypes [...]

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Debby Akam

Debby Akam New monoprints investigate layered space through colour relationships and gestural marks that result in representations of stilled- action or vitality. They suggest the possibility of colour being a language in itself, a correlative for emotions: pointing to meanings without illustrating them. I'm currently working between printmaking and larger works on [...]

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Ruth Ander

Ruth Ander After completing her Illustration degree, Ruth has continued to hone her unique mono-print technique. Her pictures are delicate, translucent drifts of colour on fine tissue paper and traditional hand-made Japanese paper. Recent work combines etching, collage and mono-print and strives to convey her love of the English land and sea [...]

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Margeret Ashman

Margeret Ashman Margaret studied Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire followed by a Masters in Printmaking at the University of Brighton. She is interested in faith and connection, suggested through movement, gesture and sign language. Margaret’s photo etchings depict solitary dancers or compositions of several sign-dancers, developed from her own photo [...]

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Laura Boswell

Laura Boswell My prints explore space, scale and light in wild landscape. I begin with observational drawing, but my prints are not direct geographic representations; they are a response to the feel of each place, the season and weather. I like my prints to be open to interpretation, reminding the viewer of [...]

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Louisa Boyd

Louisa Boyd Louisa Boyd is a multidisciplinary artist who works with paint, print and sculpture. Louisa's work centres around the persistent human desire to belong within the natural world. Her etching prints and print-based sculptures feature celestial symbols, sacred geometry and map-like imagery. Recent exhibitions include: Just Like Escher - Escher in the Palace, [...]

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Adele Burdon

Adele Burdon Working from ‘The Hearth’ at Horsley in Northumberland Adele enjoys exploring the endless possibilities of Monotype printing using a variety of techniques to create abstracted landscapes, with rich textures taken from found objects picked up on countryside walks Constantly experimenting and tinkering with the plate until an image reveals itself. [...]

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Ian Burke

Ian Burke I am a painter printmaker as well as a teacher. I live on the North Yorkshire Moors and run a gallery at Staithes on the coast. My printmaking is an extension of my drawing and I select the most direct form of relief printmaking to compose my images. My environment [...]

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Ian Cox

Ian Cox I am an artist/printmaker with a background in design and illustration. I create linoprints and mezzotints from my drawings and photographs. My work explores the wild and folkloric aspects of the world around me, with a particular focus on the moorlands of Dartmoor and the coastlines of Devon and Cornwall. [...]

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