Anja Percival

Anja Percival I am fascinated by the different atmospheres that light creates in our environment. My subject matter is usually quite ordinary but it’s the effect that light has within these spaces that captures my attention. I find it interesting to see light changing the unremarkable to the remarkable, revealing hidden details. [...]

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Babs Pease

Babs Pease I work mostly as a relief printer, hand carving and printing lino to create delicate single or multi-coloured limited edition prints. Working in a studio converted from an old cowshed on a small farm north of Edinburgh, it is the beautiful flora and fauna of the surrounding countryside that are [...]

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Tessa Pearson

Tessa Pearson Tessa Pearson is a painter and printmaker living in the Surrey Hills, south of London. She studied printed textile design at UCA Farnham and the Royal College of Art and had a successful career selling hand painted fabrics before transferring her skills to paper. Tessa now uses printmaking and mixed [...]

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Mark Pearce

Mark Pearce Mark A Pearce....Mark looks through the eyes of a graphic designer at this special part of the world where the mountains meet the sea. It is finding atmospheric effects of light and colour within the landscape that fascinates Mark, the more unexpected the better. He is continually experimenting within, and [...]

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Joshua Miles

Joshua Miles I am a full time landscape artist with a passion for reduction linocuts. I start my process with hunting the landscape. I am drawn to capturing the play of light moving over landscapes or found in reflexions on water. I love the qualities of light that evoke emotion. My work [...]

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Hazel McNab

Hazel McNab Bringing The Great Outdoors Inside. Hazel lives in Cornwall and is surrounded by inspiration for her work. She loves exploring the wild coastline looking for her next composition. She mainly works in reduction lino. Her editions are small as she uses the back of a spoon to print. Coming from [...]

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Flora McLachlan

Flora McLachlan In etching, the copper plate enters the mordant as into a witch’s cauldron; working like this, you are drawing incantations and casting spells. I enjoy using impermanent and chaotic etching grounds to let chance into my work, which I then scry into with scraper and additional etching to reach the [...]

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Jenny McCabe

Jenny McCabe Jenny McCabe is a printmaker based in Lancaster, with over 20 years experience of making and exhibiting. Jenny works mainly with intaglio printmaking methods preferring metal plate etchings and card Collagraph constructed plates. She breathes life into the plates with her decisive mark-making, turning a simple piece of metal or [...]

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Emerson Mayes

Emerson Mayes Emerson Mayes is a painter and printmaker who produces honest and uncontrived work reflecting his obvious passion for painting, printmaking and the natural world. Over the last couple of years the pull of monotype has dominated Emerson’s work. Essentially a printed painting, it could be asked why go through the [...]

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Beverley Matchette-Downes

Beverley Matchette-Downes Beverley Matchette-Downes’ recent work has been dominated by a mild obsession with trees.  Her work, although essentially figurative, is somewhat abstract, to create visual interest and make it her own.  She uses many printmaking techniques however much of her recent work has involved aluminium waterless lithography plates, often using at [...]

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