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The website shows the best that Ulverston has to offer. We also want to encourage people to visit Ulverston and experience everything the town offers to tourists. We’re Ulverston’s information hub funded by the Ulverston Business Improvement District, displaying everything you need to know about visiting, living and working in our beautiful town. View our News and Events pages for the latest goings-on in the town and get the rundown on all of Ulverston’s events, festivals and visitor attractions. Our Businesses page explores Ulverston’s businesses and our Living section provides you with all of the essential information about life in the town, including features about the houses, schools and facilities that Ulverston has to offer.


Ulverston Town Council

The town council has 18 volunteer, unpaid councillors. Some of the councillors are also South Lakeland District and Cumbria County Council Councillors. The town council looks after Sir John Barrow’s Monument on Hoad Hill which is opened by volunteer lighthouse keepers, and it leases Sir John Barrow’s cottage at Dragley Beck to Greenlance Archeology who open it to the public. It manages 300 allotments at 7 sites throughout the town, together with a public toilet situated at The Gill, bus shelters and ‘squirrel’ benches, christmas lighting and town dressing, green spaces at Gill Banks and Little Hoad and also the Laurel and Hardy statue. It has a programme of grants for community groups. The town is twinned with Albert in Northern France and has an active twinning association and has partnered as a friendship town with Harlem in Georgia, birthplace of Oliver Hardy. It provides grants to community groups and supports local businesses through the shop front improvement grant. It works in partnership with SLDC and CCC to ensure projects happen. It works with the Ulverston BID in to market the town and the area.

Cumbria Community Foundation

We are an independent local charity run by a board of trustees who are elected annually by our members. With the support of our fundholders we have made grants totalling more than £44m since inception in 1999. We provide a means by which people and organisations can make a difference to the most disadvantaged people in our community. Cumbria Community Foundation is part of a national and international network of community foundations. Together we seek to support people and organisations wishing to invest in the local community. We employ a small team of professional staff who support the trustees in development, grant making and financial administration of the Foundation. This year we have made funding available for Printfest to engage with schools.

Ulverston BID


A business improvement district (BID) is a defined area, whose businesses pay an additional amount (or levy) on top of their business rates, which is used to fund projects within the district’s boundaries. BIDs can also draw on other public and private funding streams.

BIDs can also provide a range of additional services to the town enhancing the local and business community meeting the objectives as defined in the Business Plan. These are services that are in addition to what the local councils provide.

There are more than a 200 business improvement districts (BIDs) in the UK, and Ulverston BID was first established in April 2015, after a vote among businesses in the BID zone, and again There will be an opportunity to vote in 2020 where another 5 years of improvement can begin.

Ulverston Town Lands Trust

Ulverston Town Lands Trust is a grant giving charity for the benefit of the inhabitants of Ulverston