Sarah Ross-Thompson

Sarah Ross-Thompson Sarah uses her colourful landscape collagraphs to capture the mutable beauty of the British countryside. After spending many years on the south coast in Dorset, she relocated to the west of Scotland in 2013 and has embraced the challenges of a new palette and more rugged terrain. Choosing found materials [...]

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Simon Ripley

Simon Ripley I am a Founder and Director of the Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter, Devon. Although I teach all methods of printmaking I have been a maker of linocut monoprints for 25 years. I love the spontaneous immediacy of the unique approach to printing which so often runs counter to [...]

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Morna Rhys

Morna Rhys My etchings begin with drawings made in wild places, deep valleys, secret paths, seas in many moods or trees in all their glory. I work slowly on the plate ,using hard ground, then aquatint, then more hard ground, until completion. I sometimes use 2 or more plates to create colour [...]

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Anthony Ratcliffe

Anthony Ratcliffe The artist is now a fulltime printmaker after retiring from a senior lecturer post at Manchester School of Art, he was born in South Yorkshire and has always based his work around an exploration of British landscape. The images are developed from sketchbook drawings made on site and enriched by [...]

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Neil Pittaway

Neil Pittaway Neil’s works reflect ideas from East and Western sources and perspectives such as Anglo-European heritage, transatlantic connections, Asian landscapes, gothic revival architecture, urbaneness, satire, illustration and narrative. His work incorporates and explores these identities through direct and indirect observation creating complex and seemingly agoraphobic, perspective spaces; a labyrinth, which reflects [...]

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David Peduzzi

David Peduzzi My prints start with observations from walking on the hills or by the coast. I am interested in capturing the moment and a sense of motion—the turn of a bird in flight, or an oar pulling into water. I like the small format of wood engraving with its potential to [...]

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Jane Peart

Jane Peart I specialise in copper plate etching enjoying the combination of strength of line with subtle aquatints enabling me to make highly detailed etchings. I compose my etchings from images that have inspired me, often using remembered places to incorporate into the composition. My subject matter is diverse including places from [...]

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Mark Pearce

Mark Pearce Mark trained at Carlisle College of Art and then The Norwich School of Art. As a graphic designer Mark had a successful career as creative director of his own brand identity consultancy in London. Mark now lives and works in Ravenglass, creating limited edition reduction wood and linocuts as well [...]

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Carol Nunan

Carol Nunan Carol Nunan’s work combines collagraph prints with monotype. Her work explores iconic elements within the landscape, architectural and geological features, the archeological history, alongside the wild and cultivated flora and fauna found in the landscape and gardens on her doorstep. Carol is interested in man's influence on the landscape, above [...]

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Stef Mitchell

Stef Mitchell Mono printing from nature, Stef makes prints which create an edge from which the organic accident and intentional mark can be read. Recent work stems from a year long residency at Scampston Hall where Stef has been documenting the grounds and gardens monthly in nature print. After a degree in [...]

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