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Andi Dakin

Andi Dakin I make Prints and Sculpture, often combining the two disciplines. I embellish re-assigned objects, with Printmaking as an essential ingredient: using offset Lino transfer techniques, Lithography and Etching. The birth of the Universe and events throughout the Cosmos are themes that am exploring through acid etching, using the dispersive qualities [...]

Andi Dakin2024-02-19T18:04:04+00:00

Alison Diamond

Alison Diamond Artist/Printmaker. My work explores various printing techniques such as monoprint, linocut, screen printing and etching. My printmaking practice reflects life experiences and is therefore influenced by my background in the North of England. All the images are figurative and are recognisably so. I have tried to imply that the individuals [...]

Alison Diamond2024-02-19T18:02:01+00:00

Katie Edwards

Katie Edwards Illustrator Katie Edwards has been closely in touch with the landscape, animals and outdoor activities. Her screen print illustrations reflect this appreciation for natural beauty, yet sometimes mixed with familiar cityscapes, creating a beautiful juxtaposition. Zebras crossing the road or a cat's reflection taking shape as a lion are just [...]

Katie Edwards2024-02-19T17:59:54+00:00

Jane Evans

Jane Evans Making Gyotaku from her garden studio which overlooks the waters of the Menai Strait, Jane Evans is now a skilled and knowledgeable Gyotaku Artist. Jane has made this traditional Japanese art form her own using her knowledge as an oil and water colour painter to bring colour and composition into [...]

Jane Evans2024-02-19T17:57:05+00:00

Graham Firth

Graham Firth Graham Firth is a printmaker operating out of his garden shed where he produces linoprints on his homemade wooden press powered by a carjack. He draws daily in his sketchbooks in a variety of different arenas, mainly cafes, bars and pubs. Eventually one of these drawings, he hopes, will inspire [...]

Graham Firth2024-02-19T17:55:33+00:00

Lucy Gell

Lucy Gell My work reflects my love for the natural world with a strong influence from a 15 year career in animation for children's television. I love to illustrate with print the many creatures that inhabit our planet with an emphasis on fun, humour and using bold and graphic illustration. Printmaking never [...]

Lucy Gell2024-02-19T17:53:33+00:00

Jemma Gunning

Jemma Gunning Scattered amongst our landscape in varied states of decay and dereliction are ruins, curious historical objects, fascinating and even seductive in their beauty. Alongside their visceral representation of human endeavour, at times touching the sublime, they stand as a reminder of the past and a warning for the future which [...]

Jemma Gunning2024-02-19T17:51:29+00:00

Russell Hughes

Russell Hughes Russell Hughes is a York-based artist and printmaker working mainly in monoprint, collagraph and collage. His work is characterised by strong elements of pattern and colour. Some work is purely abstract, exploring shapes and colours through handmade printmaking. Other work is research based, either responding to a current issue or [...]

Russell Hughes2024-02-19T17:42:50+00:00

Emily Ketteringham

Emily Ketteringham Based in Bristol, Emily has been working as a printmaker since 2006. Her many-layered screenprints are inspired by geology, rocks and walking. The overarching theme that unites all her work is an ongoing exploration of colour. Emily’s circle prints are a response to her Aphantasia - an attempt to find [...]

Emily Ketteringham2024-02-19T17:40:22+00:00

Aga Kubish 

Aga Kubish Aga Kubish ARE is an award-winning artist printmaker specializing in very detailed, large linocuts. Kubish works without a press, making huge linocuts by hand, searching for a range of shades between black and lights. She draws inspiration from Nature, sketching based on her own photos. Kubish was born in Poland [...]

Aga Kubish 2024-02-19T17:37:15+00:00
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