Selection process

image of open spread of the Lancashire Life magazine

Emails are being sent out to everyone who applied.

The selection process has two stages:

1. The anonymous round ~ Each of the 8 judges receives a Pinterest link with a board titled ‘Selection Process 2020 – anonymous round’. They receive a criteria sheet and every applicants’ Artists’ statement of 100 words (names removed). Over a week to 10 days they view the work, consider the criteria and read the statements. Then they fill in the selection sheet and mark either YES, NO or MAYBE against each number and return their selection to be loaded onto the full spreadsheet.

2. The meeting round ~ We review the voting results. We confirm those who have received the most votes. We confirm those who have the least votes. We discuss, review, look at websites, debate and then vote on all remaining artists one by one until we have agreement on the final selection. This takes about three hours.

Almost all of us have made applications for events and exhibitions and know what it’s like to be declined and accepted.

We have a reserve list to cover any unforeseen circumstances.
The results are final. No negotiations will be entered into.

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