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Printfest Awards 2018:

Printmaker of the Year
Gail Brodholt

Printmakers’ Printmaker
Georgina Bown

Visitors’ Choice Award
Sponsored by James Cropper PLC

Individual Print awards:
Awagami Paper Award
Haigh Award
McClures Award
Chris Benefield Memorial Award
Founders’ Award
Hawthorn Printmaker Award

New Awards for 2018:
Cranfield Colour
First prize Award
Second prize Award

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The Printmaker of the Year Award
In 2008 Printfest launched the first Printmaker of the Year Award. Each year we work in partnership with a print studio or gallery to select a Printmaker of the Year. Since 2010, the Printmaker of the Year has created a commissioned print during a residency in South Cumbria and exhibited their work at Printfest. A selected piece from the Artist’s work is used on all Printfest’s marketing material; from the early promotional flyer, with a print run of 70,000 distributed across the North West, North East and Manchester, on all our posters, advertisements, invitations, tickets and on the cover of the exhibition catalogue.

Printmaker of the Year 2018:
Gail Brodholt

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Printmakers’ Printmaker Award
In 2007 Printfest launched the Printmakers’ Printmaker Award. Over the Printfest weekend each year, we ask the exhibiting artists to nominate their favourite exhibitor. That artist becomes our Printmakers’ Printmaker, an accolade which is particularly meaningful to artists as it reflects recognition by their peers.

Printmakers’ Printmaker 2018:
Georgina Bown

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Visitors’ Choice Award
Sponsored by James Cropper PLC
2017 winner: Mark Pearce

Selected Print Awards

Cranfield Colour  NEW
Cranfield Colour are pleased to support Printfest 2018 and provide two Awards for Artists that they will present at the Private View:
First & Second prize Award of Cranfield/Caligo Printmaking Inks

Awagami Paper Award 
The Awagami Paper Award of 100 sheets of washi papers is comprised of 50 sheets of ‘Bamboo Select’ and 50 sheets of ‘Kitakata Select’.
2017 winner: Chris Salmon

Haigh Award
Roger Haigh is pleased to present the second Haigh Awardin 2018
2017 winner: Anja Percival

McClures Award
Keith McClure will be presenting the second McClures Award in 2018
2017 winner: Mark Pearce

Chris Benefield Memorial Award
Janet Benefield is delighted to be able to present the second Chris Benefield Memorial Award for 2018
2017 winner: Clare Cutts

Founders’ Award
Judy Evans & Ronkey Bullard will thoroughly enjoy presenting the second Founders’ award for 2018
2017 winner: Katie Edwards

Hawthorn Printmaker
Barry Rushton is very pleased to present the second Hawthorn Printmaker Award for 2018
2017 winner: John Hatton