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Printfest Print Collection

Since 2010, the Printmaker of
the Year has created a
commissioned print during a
residency in South Cumbria, as
well as exhibiting their work at
Printfest. Here you can see the
Printfest print collection.

Commissioned prints created by
our Printmakers of the Year

2015 – Jane Glynn who made an
etching of local gardens where
the tree growing from the side of
a small shed caught her
attention, part of her liminal
interest in human places.

2014 – Gill Tyson who made two
lithographs for us; one of Piel
Island and one of Hoad

2013 – Katherine Jones whose
commissioned print was based
on buildings close to Ulverston

2012 – Kelly Stewart who
created prints of Piel Island and
Walney Channel.

2011 – Trevor Price who worked
with members of the local
community on a participatory
print to celebrate our 10th

2010 – Anja Percival who
produced the first Printfest
commissioned print.

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